A junior UX/UI designer based in Portland, OR, loves good people, interesting technologies, stocks, and manga/anime.

Scheduling Interviews with Ease.

Redesigned Saas product that improves the experience by making this feature easier to use, and more delightful. 


Scheduling interview is a very common and labor-intensive task in the HR department everywhere and we wanted to help.

Duration/ November 2020 - Feb 2021

Role/ UX&UI Designer


The power of personalization.

Designing an app for Korean Skincare enthusiasts to find products and create a perfect skincare routine.

Duration/ October 2020 - 1 Month

Role/ UX&UI Designer



Creating an online experience of a local doughnut shop.

Duration/ June - July 2020 - 2 Month

Role/ UX&UI Designer

Community doughnut.